Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Current favorite song

The song that I have grown fond of over the last few days what actually voted #2 in Triple J's Top 100 of 2010 just behind Angus and Julia Stone's, Big Jet Plane which is also a very good song. But I really have fallen in love with Little Red's,  Rock It.


Well its simple really, the voice of front man Adrian Beltram is very unique, they certainly don't sound like any other band going around at the moment. They sound more of a band from the 80's, well this particular song does at least.

The use of a cheery and catchy piano rhythm has really suckered me in as well. The song is very fun to sing along to and is very quickly climbing into my Top 25 Played playlist on my iTunes. 

But still very far behind top of list songs:

Where is my mind? by the Pixies, which has been a greatly loved song of mine for a long time now.

and pretty much every song on Phoenix's album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' which has still got to be, in my opinion, the best album to of been released in recent month's. Well, year's now.



  1. Gotta love those cheery and patchy piano rhythms!

  2. I also love that album, I love the whole album

  3. phoneix is a good band i hear. maybe i should listen to it.

  4. Phoenix has quite a few decent remixes, too.

  5. Great read. Where is my mind is a favourite for me too!

  6. check out wolfmother -piligrim
    one of my favs at least like 2 months =D