Saturday, 19 March 2011


Don't you just hate it when you go out to to take pictures and you get some amazing shots of old abandoned alleys and buildings, just to find out that they corrupted and you have lost over half the images that you took?

... Yeah, I hate that too.

Unfortunately this very thing happened to me, just now, which means, instead of having a nice collection of images to show you guys, I only have a few that a worth to upload.

Well, lets start this.

The first image I took was on the side of a building, which very soon you will not be able to see as they are currently constructing a building right up against this piece of art. Only a small jump-able fence is what stops general public from being able to see this masterpiece and all because of a construction site, you cant.

Now, I'm pretty sure this was commissioned (Allowed by the local government), as there is a police station right around the corner from this, and the picture dose not really show the size of it (This is a 3 story building), but that really does not matter, because even though this is perfectly legal, it's still an amazing work of art.

A soon to be invisible, masterpiece.

The next couple of images I took are facing the image above, just across the construction site. Commisioned again, maybe? This one i'm not to sure about. But one thing is for sure, It's also about to be ruined by the building that is rising up next to it.

It was a small shame that there was all these ladders and fencing all over the wall, because it hid away alot of the art, and also reflected alot when my flash went off, making it hard to take the photo.

A very alternative style.

I couldn't let this part of the painting not be seen.
So after walking around Joondalup (Where these images were taken) for about an hour I decided to shoot a different area, Wanneroo, A nearby suburb only 10 minutes away. It isn't hard to find graffiti in Wanneroo, It has a reputation for drugs and violence which comes with alot of 'taggers'. This is all mostly from the local gang; 'The Wanneroo Boys'. But what is hard to find in Wanneroo, is street art that isn't just a worthless scribble of somebodies name.

After looking through parks and old buildings and car parks I only managed to find just 2 places that looked worthy of a photo. The youth centre, which had altered it's BBQ to the bonnet of a roadster and also but a nice font on the back..

As well as finding the youth centre, I also found a small piece of work that had been painted onto a power box in a park, In the northern sections of Wanneroo. If any of you are familiar with Banksy, I think that the artist behind it was either inspired, or just wants to copy him.

Either way, I thought it was a nice little piece.

There is a small rat on the lower part of the box.

I will be going to the Power Station in Fremantle sometime next week I hope, I haven't really the time to go down currently. All the pictures here a just local and no more than 20 minutes from where I live,

I just figured id give bloggers another view of North Perth, that nobody else seems to want to capture.



  1. Looks kinda scary i think! Lol Keep up the good work!

  2. wow, thats pretty crazy how awesome those are.

  3. Those look awesome, loved the second one, I'm a sucker for that style.

  4. Love that crowned wing thing, thanks for including it.

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  7. Graffiti is great when it's done right, like this one.

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  9. That second one looks really cool too bad people thing so badly of graffiti even though it's a form of art too.

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  11. Fortunately my photos never break.

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  13. some of those are really awesome, it's a shame they are going to go away.

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  17. Always been a fan of urban art.

  18. they all look great
    what exactly happened that caused them to get corrupted ?
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  19. never happened to me, fortunately.. pics are nice. do you use a tripod?

  20. Not to sure why they corrupt, I was tight for cash when I bought all my gear so I got a cheap SD card, which I have now replaced :D

    Nah, I dont use a tripod, Bring nothing but my camera and 2 lens's :)

  21. Wow man! getting inspired by ur work!

    Rly cool pics u got!