Monday, 6 June 2011

Although this may not be technically street art, or urban at all. I think this man has inspired many street artists all around the world and is really an amazing artist himself, So much so that even this restaurant found it fitting to have some of his work on display.

If you dont know who im talking about, shame on you, and check him out here :)

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Until next time my friends,


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Make your mark.. er.

It rare that you come across a huge painting like this on a wall, Is this advertising somthing? or was its artist just a very colourful, childish man?

... or women? :O

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


This one stood out to me more as a statement more than it did as a art piece, Don't get me wrong, the style is awesome and it made an average wall look awesome!.. 

But I went home that night and brushed my teeth.

Thoughts? :)

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mountain of Lawley!

Today.. well, Tonight I ventured into Mount Lawley, 10 minutes out of Perth city to get some pictures of an alley that I spotted last week some time. But while there I also snuck back to the Pacific Hotel to get some cool shots there again!

But first, I'll start off with the alley and building that I first wanted to photograph, This is just a corner building that I thought, if taken at the right angle will make a really interesting perspective, kinda got what I wanted!

The building is actually a block of apartments and the alley is a just an access point to use the emergency stairs in case there is a fire in the building, but it still looked cool!

Perth City can be seen in the background of the apartment building

Both pictures were taken with no flash, 30 second shutter speed and aperture set to F21. So the images might look a bit like day time, but this was around 9pm. 

Moving on down the road 5 minutes on foot, we hit the old abandoned hotel, except this time we weren't alone. Voices were heard from inside the rooms, and when I took a picture with the flash on, a girls voice call be heard shouting "Shit, I saw a light, BAIL!". 

So, we left them to bail, and I stopped using the flash. But, here are some of the pictures that I took! 

Lots of picture's, I know, but the place is so awesome, how can I resist?!

Oh and one more picture, because I would really like an explanation by anyone who might know.. What are with the orb like things in the top left of this picture? Nobody had a torch or anything with us so there shouldnt be any light besides the equal light from the flash.

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Monday, 25 April 2011


This is a first for me!

Today, I went back to a place that I have already been too and photographed. I couldn't get everything I wanted last time due to cars parked in the way, So I went back again, and although there were cars, again, I managed to get some more shots.

I might even have to go back again to get the rest!

I wish that street artists would leave a title of there work so we can all try and understand what they were trying to capture. I would call this one 'Boom, Headshot' if I had to pick a name. Gotta say, this style is pretty awesome, and the colours are very bright. 

Times like these I wish I could read the writing as well, All I can see is a little blue guy hugging a purple thing, But they are probably 2 letters!

I don't even know what to write about this one. A picture paints 1000 words so you can interpret this however way you like. But its one of the most confusing, amazing and all around awesome pieces of art that I have ever seen.

Sadly, this is all I could take this time, as there were again, more cars that were getting in the way of all the other walls. But I took a picture of the entire building so you can see all the work from this blog entry and my previous entry from last week. 

I'll try and get the rest at night some time and show you the other 2 remaining graffiti pieces then.

The painting on the far left that is half cut out is the tag from the image above. For scale, This building is ~3 storeys high, so each of these pieces are fairly big.

These pictures were taken again from behind a Bridgestone tyre warehouse, the same as last week.

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Monday, 18 April 2011


Before I can really begin this entry, I will have to post the picture I'm actually talking about, so, Here it is!
A Underwater City

This painting is huge. Probably just as high as the Alice in Wonderland painting I blogged last week.
The imagination of this artist is incredible, an old totalled car, beautiful underwater creatures, a huge metropolis in the background and some amazing colours all come together to paint a world.

I love pieces like this, I really do, I wish I myself could come up with ideas like this one. It really is remarkable just how well it all came together, I mean.. A city, marine life, a run down car all in one painting?.. And what's more, It looks amazing!

That's me in the picture, To scale the size, I'm just over 6ft.

Now this painting was behind a Bridgestone tyre warehouse, so there was a lot of cars being fixed up around, There is much more paintings to photograph there but there was too many car's in the way, So I'll go back later in the week on Sunday when it is closed and take the rest then.

But there was one more picture I could take, as the car was some old run down crappy Ford (sorry to any Ford lovers out there, But I hate them) which didn't bother me so much in the frame.

Sometimes I wish I could read what they say, the style is really cool as are the colours, The ford how ever, is a piece of shit and should die already.

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Until next time my friends,


Friday, 8 April 2011


I went to a farm the other day.

That's right, a farm. It is located a 7 minute walk (Yes, I timed it) out of Perth city. A strange place for a farm I though, all that separates the farm animals from a 6 busy train lines is a small wired fence. I don't even know if that is legal!

But any way, moving on. Here are some pictures of said farm.. I'll keep them small so you can see a few shots of it..

Had some rather interesting paint jobs all around it, was like no other farm yard I had ever seen before, that's the truth.
But what came as the best surprise was a HUGE, and I really do mean big mural type painting of Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland. I even have a picture of my friend in the shot, just to show the size of the painting.
Simply, Amzaing.

My 6ft friend (Wearing a Alice shirt!)

The detail is simply amazing, a true work of art.

This is with a doubt commissioned by the farm, and why wouldn't it be? It has captured everything that Wonderland is about, but also has 'Tags' in their that fit in perfectly.

I normally go out at night to take my photo's as it suits the urban theme alot better. But with this absolute masterpiece I didnt want to loose any detail at all that the darkness sometimes does, So this was spot on midday with the sun shining and I think it made it all the prettier.

If you live in Perth and want to see this, I suggest you do because I mean really.. This is just sensational. It is located right on Claisebrook train station or HERE and go into street view and check out the building, its partly blocked by a bus, but you can see what I meant when I said that there was different paint jobs all over it!

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Until next time my friends,