Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hate of being busy

It's been so long since I have been able to go out, and I still haven't found time! :(

I've been tied down doing my part time work and also a shit tonne of studying for my Digital Media unit..

But on the trains and such I have been prepping myself to a very nice night out of photography :D

I have been reading a very handy book on different styles and techniques of photography and have also ordered myself a very nice (and expensive :[ ) tripod which will hopefully pay off with some amazing night shots.

So although I don't really have anything to upload and show you that is well.. good.. I did however go to the beach for a goodbye party for a close friend who is leaving for a year in the army and got some nice photo's of the sunset (Yes, corny to the max I know)

So yeah, you guessed it. This week, instead of some amazing urban photography shots, I am going to treat you to some amazingly not so interesting Nature Shots! - I'll make it my priority to go out and get some shots of the streets some time very soon :)

Fast shutter speed
Sun setting on a calm beach

Different colours

Sorry again for not having any cool street art images, I hope these will do for now :)
and if anybody is interested - All these images were taken at Hillary's Beach Park

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stay cool.

Till next time my friends,



  1. Nice man! I set the glare one as my desktop background, Thanks!

  2. New background! You shoot photos with a meaning to it, your pictures makes me think.

  3. really like the glare one too. keep it up!

  4. New tripod? the right tools for the job.

  5. Really artistic pics in this blog entry!

  6. Again, very impressing photos

  7. As awesome as all the graffiti photos are, these are a nice change of pace, and you clearly have some talent with the camera. Keep 'em coming.

  8. I've been to that beach, and you managed to make it look a lot better than I remember, nice shots!

  9. I love these, especially fast shutter speed :]

  10. Great pictures, I'm gonna vote for you!

  11. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  12. Impressive set of pics here, definitely following.

  13. Love these ones, and you've got some really interesting locations on some of the others.
    Thinking of posting some photography on my blog, not sure yet.